Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm back!

From where? Nowhere, really. Just a lot of chaos. I started my new job and we moved into a smaller, but easier to keep clean!, house. The boys are huge and crawling and pulling up on things and drinking whole milk!! Conner seems to be maybe letting up on the fits a little bit. He has learned to share and clean up, but he also loves "mine" and "Conner's". Whether it is in fact his or not. Sigh. We had our first date night last night since the twins were born! I got fabulous tickets to the Titans first preseason game and a friend babysat. Everything went better than we could have planned and we have decided this will be a monthly thing. Not necessarily the game (although it would be nice!), but definitely just husband and I hanging out with no babies. :) Here's some updated pictures from the past month and I will try to get on here every day for some updates.