Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bible Study day!

Bible study Wednesdays.  LOVE IT!  I have made a commitment to one year of Gospel Transformation.  I wasn't sure at first, but I definitely felt led in that direction...some by God, some by my favorite fellow worshippers.  Either way we've officially started and I felt really good about today.

One of our readings this past week was Genesis 1:1-31.  The creation.  I haven't read it in several months, and I really tried to concentrate on what I could get out of the reading that I maybe hadn't gotten before.  What stuck out to me most was the phrase, "and there was evening, and there was morning".  All of the wonderful, amazing, beautiful creations he was working on and each compilation ended with that line.  Two things struck me as important.  First of all, the simplicity of the phrase.  As though each day really only boiled down to evening and morning.  The second part is that evening came first.  When I think of days going by, I usually think of the day and then the night as a part of that day.  The way this is worded is as though the work took place during the night.  I love the image this creates for me!  Think of night falling and all of the brilliant work being done...the light and the sky and the seas and the land and the animals and the plants and the seasons and the days and the years.  All of these things being created overnight and when the light came and it was morning and it was all good.  This causes peace in my mind.

Each day I try to live in the moment.  Not quite to the extreme of treating each one as though it is my last, but more treating each one as though it is a first.  Regardless of what happens at 11:30 (frustrations with the kids, crying, whining, dropping an egg on the floor - true story), 11:35 can be different!  It can be worse, of course, but I have all the faith in the world that it can also be BETTER.  Much better!  11:47 might be another tough few minutes, but who knows what noon will bring?  God knows.  If I'm truly going to believe He loves me for me and loves all things I do and forgives my sins and inconsistencies, then I truly have to believe the tough times will come and go and the great times will do the same.  Hopefully more often! 

I had a plan for today, and very little of it has gone accordingly.  However, I know He had a plan for today and it's gone perfectly.  So, why don't I just let Him do the planning, while I sit back and enjoy the ride?

Talk soon.