Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How you ask?

I get asked on a regular basis how I "do it".  I don't have an answer for that.  Honestly, I think we all just do what we can each day and plug along.  I don't think an hour goes by without some prayers being lifted up from me...I know there is a lot of deep breath-takin' and mercy-askin', that's for sure!  Today could have been super stressful, but I didn't allow myself to think beyond the next thirty minutes (give or take).  I had a lot to do, but absolutely nobody was going to lose a limb if I didn't get it all done before a certain time.

We got back in to town from our Virginia trip around 9:30 last night.  The final hour of the drive was kind of tense because Zoe was FREAKING out in her carseat and causing everyone to be on edge, so I pulled over for Shaun to begin driving.  His license expired on his birthday this year (July 11th), so he really didn't want to drive at all....especially at night....with me holding the baby.....and then it began to rain!  So, with all these "wammies" on his shoulders, we were all holding our breath until he pulled in to the drive.  We got the boys inside (discovered they had smeared caramel in their hair, thank you apple dippers and sauce!), changed diapers, wiped off what I could, and put them in bed.  Same with Zoe.  We unpacked the van quickly and hopped in to bed.  Zoe was up every couple of hours overnight.  Loudly crying, inconsolable without nursing - good times, right?  Thinking it was a bit of a stomach ache...lots of yummy food at grandma's may not have sat well with her.  Bringing us to today.

Very little sleep on my part, Conner's daycare is still "on vacation", and the twins had "swim day" at school today.  Not to mention, Henry's ENT appointment at 2:30.  Okay, no big deal.  Start with a good breakfast!  I firmly believe in breakfast.  I love breakfast.  Every morning, I make sure my kiddos eat breakfast.  Their favorite is pancakes...mine, too.  This morning was no different.  Whipped up some pancakes, ate together at our silly kitchen table.  Silly = too large for our small kitchen, but just right for our large family!  Shaun left for work around 7:30 and I decided that was a good time to begin unpacking.  Started slowly.  Kids' stuff first.  Then I remembered there were clothes in the dryer...including the twins' bathing suits.  Necessary for swim day!  Began folding clothes.  Conner was chilling on the couch, watching America's Funniest Home Videos (love!), while Jack read him a book.  Maybe even a couple of books.  Zoe was crawling everywhere, seemingly excited about being back home.  Henry was....well, Henry was whining.  And following me everywhere.  I consider that a good morning.  If I only have one hanging on my leg, I practically feel light as a feather!  Got most of the laundry put away, changed Jack and Henry into swim diapers and bathing suits, and this is when Conner realized he was NOT in a bathing suit.  Some discussion between us about what we were going to do that day.  This does get a bit tricky.

Me:  Conner, the boys are going to school and they are swimming at school.  We are going to storytime at the library!
Jack:  I want to go to storytime.
Me:  No, Jack, you get to go swimming!
Conner:  I want to go swimming!

See how this can be tricky?  Nobody is ever happy with what they are "scheduled" to do.  Kind of doesn't change in adulthood, does it?  Slathered 'em up with sunscreen and away we went!  We dropped the twins off at Parent's Day Out, and I took Conner and Zoe to the downtown library for storytime.  I love it there.  Zoe was having almost more fun than Conner!  She is SUCH a little social butterfly!  No matter how cranky the girl is or should be, she lights up when other people come around.  It's awesome.  After storytime (10:30 am), I was watching the clock a bit...knowing lunch needed to happen, and some nap, and some grocery shopping, all before picking up the twins by 2:00 to make it to the doc appointment on time.  Conner needed to go to the bathroom, so we headed home.  I nursed Zoe, Conner did his business, and we headed back out to the grocery.  All of my kids love to go grocery shopping.  I'm not sure what is their favorite part, but they all get excited when you mention the word!  They know Publix and Kroger.  They even know some of the workers!  Not sure what to think about this. 

Grocery shopping was pretty uneventful.  Conner and Zoe ate some of the sample food and then smeared it on each other.  I managed to stick to my list - a first!  We headed home for some lunch.  I was kind of thinking naps would happen, but no such luck.  Conner did fall asleep for about half an hour, but Zoe was having none of that.  Turns out power naps are the new black for infants.  At least my infant.  We ate some lunch, and left the house at 2.  Ten minutes later than I wanted to leave, but Conner looked so sweet sleeping on the couch!  At the daycare, the boys had apparently just fallen asleep around 1:40.  Fabulous.  Woke them up, put them in the car, and headed downtown to the doc's office.  I explained to the kids on the way there that I need "best behavior".  Would you believe they listened?  Holding hands in the parking lot!  Not running through the halls!  Going straight to the toy corner and playing together!  Who are these kids???  Henry ended up needing his ears cleaned out, and the kid didn't make a peep!  What is this all about?  We got home in time for me to start dinner and all four were playing nicely together, running around the house and yelling loudly, of course, but playing without prompting from me!  Love it.  We had a yummy Sloppy Joe and peas dinner, one of my good friends stopped by to bring some stuff over, and then we headed them all to their rooms for "ni-night".  Zoe took about 20 minutes, but there wasn't one objection from the boys. 

I love nights like these.  I thank God for the patience and perseverance to make it through the tough moments.  I also ask God to remind me of the good times when I'm steaming mad about something ridiculous that, "too, shall pass".

Talk soon!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Greetings from Virginia!

We are here in VA visiting my parents and, hopefully, some extended family we haven't seen in a couple of years. I'm sure it goes without saying that the drive here was interesting. Not bad, though! Definitely could have been worse. We got up around 5:40 am and changed diapers on the boys and loaded all four up in the car. I rearranged a little bit and had the twins and Zoe in the way back seat, Conner in the middle, and I am driving because Shaun's license has expired. I had packed Thursday night and completely loaded up the van so we were ready to hit the road! The kids were all super excited to head off to "gramma jacie's", so they didn't go back to sleep right away, but Jack didn't last too, too long. Unfortunately, the other three fought it for a while. Thank God for our VCR under the passenger seat! We started off with Monsters, Inc., then Shaun hopped in the back and all five of them watched his high school all star hockey game. Hilarious. The kids were really excited and I have to tell you Shaun was super excited as well. Reliving his glory days. After stopping for about 40 minutes at Hardee's and then a fun walk around the building "marching" and "high-stepping" and walking backwards (my idea of getting that last bit of energy out!), we put on The Wizard of Oz and all the kids proceeded to fall asleep. Ahhhh. We arrived at Grandma's house around 3:30 VA time, so we made really good time! The kids ran their butts off outside in the 100 degree weather, getting muddy and sweaty and just gross. After bath and some fighting, they finally crashed out in beds.

Zoe has just blossomed like I could have never predicted. She is such her own little person now and she just LOVES attention!! Especially from her brothers! She had tubes put in both ears last Wednesday and she has bounced back very well.

I'm going to insert some pictures taken this evening at my mom's restaurant. She is having an all-night jazz jam from 5 pm till 5 am, so she is gonna be a little sleepy in the morning! We took the kids (and grampa) for dinner and some "dancing". Everyone is already sacked out as I type this and I am not far behind! :)
Shaun and Grampa Gary (my dad)

Zoe loving spaghetti

Conner "playing" sax