Saturday, July 24, 2010

Greetings from Virginia!

We are here in VA visiting my parents and, hopefully, some extended family we haven't seen in a couple of years. I'm sure it goes without saying that the drive here was interesting. Not bad, though! Definitely could have been worse. We got up around 5:40 am and changed diapers on the boys and loaded all four up in the car. I rearranged a little bit and had the twins and Zoe in the way back seat, Conner in the middle, and I am driving because Shaun's license has expired. I had packed Thursday night and completely loaded up the van so we were ready to hit the road! The kids were all super excited to head off to "gramma jacie's", so they didn't go back to sleep right away, but Jack didn't last too, too long. Unfortunately, the other three fought it for a while. Thank God for our VCR under the passenger seat! We started off with Monsters, Inc., then Shaun hopped in the back and all five of them watched his high school all star hockey game. Hilarious. The kids were really excited and I have to tell you Shaun was super excited as well. Reliving his glory days. After stopping for about 40 minutes at Hardee's and then a fun walk around the building "marching" and "high-stepping" and walking backwards (my idea of getting that last bit of energy out!), we put on The Wizard of Oz and all the kids proceeded to fall asleep. Ahhhh. We arrived at Grandma's house around 3:30 VA time, so we made really good time! The kids ran their butts off outside in the 100 degree weather, getting muddy and sweaty and just gross. After bath and some fighting, they finally crashed out in beds.

Zoe has just blossomed like I could have never predicted. She is such her own little person now and she just LOVES attention!! Especially from her brothers! She had tubes put in both ears last Wednesday and she has bounced back very well.

I'm going to insert some pictures taken this evening at my mom's restaurant. She is having an all-night jazz jam from 5 pm till 5 am, so she is gonna be a little sleepy in the morning! We took the kids (and grampa) for dinner and some "dancing". Everyone is already sacked out as I type this and I am not far behind! :)
Shaun and Grampa Gary (my dad)

Zoe loving spaghetti

Conner "playing" sax

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