Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Days are here again!

Wow.  I promise you, each and every time I get to my "breaking point", God reminds me of how good He is and how much He wants me happy in my life!

Great week.  I have decided being a one car family is only going to bring us closer.  It is not ideal, and I hope to have a solution come around soon.  HOWEVER, driving Shaun, aka "Daddy", to work every morning is kind of fun.  It gives us a reason to get up when the kids get up, get dressed, and get out the door at an actual designated time.  We made it to the park early on Tuesday and I enjoyed watching the four kids play together.  The weather has come around to being "nice" and we took full advantage!  Something about actually getting outdoors has equalled out to lots of napping this week...not so much with Zoe, but it's a process, I understand that. 

So, yes, Tuesday morning we hit up the park until the twins had to be at school at 9.  I took Conner and Zoe downtown to the library for story time and that was really fun.  In fact - the two kiddos were so good at storytime and afterwards, we headed up to Sweet CeCe's for a yummy treat! 

Now I can't figure out how to get it off "center alignment".  Grrr.

Sorry!  Anyway, Wednesday we played in the gym all morning and wore some little butts OUT!  Everyone took a nap that day, so we headed up to the park close to Shaun's work when they all woke up.  The kids are finally at that super fun age where they play with each other and they make friends at parks and play with them and I really don't have to do much, if any, referreeing.  I love it!  I can just sit back and laugh at their goofiness!  Well, and follow Zoe who is super good at climbing up things.

Yesterday and today were also great in the way of beautiful weather outside and happy kids.  As I mentioned, driving Shaun to work really hasn't been much of a bother.  All four kids have been home for the past three days and it has gone way better than I was expecting.  Always nice when that happens.

Zoe said what we are going to forever refer to as her first word.

"Hot. Rod."

That's right!  The boys' favorite book is a book about cars and last night they kept saying, "Hot Rod!  Hot Rod!"  All of a sudden, we hear Zoe say very loudly, "Hah Rah!!"  Now she will repeat everytime she hears anyone say it.  It is the most awesome thing you have ever heard.  She is so cute and it is a perfect first for her!  She also claps her hands quite a bit when she says it.  Adds to the cuteness.

This has led me to change her first birthday party theme - which was going to be "formal" - to some sort of Hot Rod theme.  I'll figure out something fabulous.  Memorable.  Something the other kids will talk about for years!  Or maybe just days.  Or minutes.  Either'll be fun for me.  And isn't that who the first birthday party is truly all about?  Momma?  That's right.

I'm thinking the twins can have the formal theme.  Love it!

Talk soon.

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