Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011, Welcome!

I'm not making resolutions this year.  I will, instead, make some goals.  Serious goals.  Goals I intend to hold myself accountable for and REACH!

1.  LOSE WEIGHT.  A lot of weight.  I don't own a scale and don't plan to buy one.  Let's just say I would like for NONE of my current wardrobe to fit me by the summer.  Or, at the latest, when Conner starts school in the fall!  This will all-encompass the goal of regular walks around the neighborhood, playing with the kids, 8 glasses of water a day, less food intake, etc.

2.  TAKE BETTER CARE OF MYSELF.  This includes a strict washing my face/brushing my teeth routine.  I know this may seem silly and basic, but I truly forget myself quite often.  I need to tweeze my eyebrows regularly, get my hair cut when it needs it, keep my nails trimmed.  You know those things that are second nature?  Yep, I'm on it this year.

3.  Save money for our anniversary.  We WILL journey back to Vegas this year.  I am going to do as much "side work" as possible and save every dime I can to purchase the trip.  I would love to purchase in time for Shaun's birthday in July...if that's even possible for a November trip?  Anyway, at least have most or all of the money saved by then.

4.  Pampered Chef monthly parties at my house, hosted by me.  I need to stay "active" as a consultant until Conner goes off to school and I see about affording more daycare for the other three.  I truly love the products and I know I can do it (be a consultant), so I want to stay active while I figure the other parts of my life out.  $150 a month in sales is all I need...SO doable!

5.  Stay in touch with family.  I intend to send out birthday cards and keep track via Facebook with some, posting videos and pictures of the kids.  This requires a book of stamps to be kept at home, daily checking of Facebook, and actually creating videos and pictures of the kids! 

I am sure I have so many more, but my cute daughter is being super sweet and silly right now, so I need to go. 

Talk soon!

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