Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another day in the life

Well, on a bad note - I'm tired, tired, tired of being broke and having to use cheap diapers, cheap wipes, cheap formula. None of these things a happy baby make. Sigh. Happy notes only!!! Conner and I went to the park today for our weekly playdate and he found a bunch of young girls to play soccer with. He ran, ran, ran himself in to an early nap that I am expecting to last at least 3 hours. Apparently I know nothing about older children because I thought these girls were at least 13-14, but it turns out they were more like 10-11. Mom won't let them babysit yet. Damn. :) The twins have been in rare form good moods the past couple days! Henry is still weaned and only drinking bottles, but he will drink breast milk from a bottle now, so at least I am not throwing away all my pumped goods. Jack has learned some new noises and he does them loudly and proudly! It's very cute because he has the damned cutest smile ever. He just grins and shows off that one 1/2 tooth protruding from his lower gums. Aww. I know, I know...post pictures already! Well, I'm determined that a digital camera is on our must-have-very-soon list, so it shouldn't be too long now when we will be back in the constant picture snapping game. On the job front - I have made a follow up phone call to the one I interviewed for last week and I am just waiting to (hopefully) hear back today, so I can know where I stand with that. I hate to "put my eggs in one basket", but I just know I'm fully qualified and they would be crazy not to hire me! I hope they feel the same. :)

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