Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Looking up?

Okay, okay, interview this morning went very well! Hopefully I will hear back today or tomorrow and get this job thing underway! Meanwhile, I'm avoiding the massive laundry pile and dishes to write a happy blog. :) I just called the twins' sitter and she says the boys are in rare form today. Jack is chasing the other little girl she watches around and squealing with delight. Both of the guys are desperately trying to figure out how to pull up on the toys the little girl has already discovered. Even this morning, at home, it was nearly impossible to get ready to go! You can't just leave the room anymore...you come back to an empty room and have to do a baby search! Conner was being a typical 2 year old (so my mom says), so we were trying to calm him down with cinnamon rolls and Elmo. Then you look over to see Jack back at the outlet. Even though, seconds before, he was clear across the room! First step when we move, we will be 110% child-proofing EVERYTHING. It's amazing how badly I wanted the twins to "grow up" and now I'm super sad. Super, super sad. They are impossible to keep in one spot without being strapped in to something. They are noisy. They are next to impossible to transport anywhere, even! The car seats alone aren't heavy, but add those 20+ pounders and you get quite a work out! Sigh. I am so full of love for these crazy guys. Yay.

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