Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Debbie Downer?

Geez, I'm reading over my posts and I realize I haven't told a cute, funny story for a while! Terrible. What made me laugh today? Conner's vocabulary is fabulous. Some of my favorites are tree, sheeps (which means chips, not the animal), where? (said with both hands turned up at his armpits), daddy, mama, Jacque! (always said with some strange accent and a forceful ending - hence, the exclamation point), Enree, chatchup, gogert (yogurt). As I'm typing this and thinking fondly of my big boy, he is proceeding to throw a tantrum for no apparent reason. Okay, the moment is gone. The tantrum moment, that is. He's laughing at "Momas" (Thomas) the cat. I'll tell you about this cat. We have two. Thomas and Napoleon. Napoleon is a random cat. He shows up to eat and sleeps on our bed sometimes, but usually just hangs in the yard...terrorizing birds. He catches quite a few and brings them in each time for our enjoyment. Nice guy. Thomas, on the other hand, is a lover. He wants to sleep on your chest and just live in your mouth. When he was a kitten he could jump from the floor to your shoulder. This was always interesting when someone would come over for the first time. I would tell everyone when they walked in the door, "Watch out for the white cat. If he looks up at you and starts to shake his butt, move." Did anybody believe me? Nope. Sure enough, mid-conversation, guest would be startled by a hurtling white mass leaping from the ground and clawing with all four paws to hold on for dear life to whatever body part he landed at. We were nervous before Conner was born and gave both cats to my sister for a while. She fell in love and would have kept them, but then she moved and we got the boys back. (yep, even our animals are freakin' male) Okay, Thomas is fantastic with the kids. Conner has tortured that cat since he moved back. Tugging, pulling hair and tail - hard, laying down on him, beating him with various household objects. Now, the twins have joined the fun. Oh, how I wish we had a video camera. It's on the list of "to be bought". Anyway, Henry just likes to watch the cats walk around and he will reach out to touch them. Jack, on the other hand, goes full force, both hands, grabbing hair and attempting to get his mouth around whatever he grabs. It's hilarious, but I'm pretty sure the cats aren't a fan. Honestly, though, they can walk away any time they want, right? They love it. Would you believe neither cat has been declawed and these boys have never gotten even a little scratch. Good kitties! I'll post all of my America's Funniest Home Video-misses tomorrow. Always funny!

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