Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some smart cookies!

Big learning day!!! I forgot to mention yesterday something Jack did that wasn't ridiculous. :) Hot dog. Anyway, he was crawling and he stopped and sat up! Very cute. Jack is very much super close to pulling up completely on things. Tomorrow morning I will be lowering the crib mattresses! Henry started semi-crawling this evening. I definitely think he would have mastered it if he wasn't completely exhausted and needing to go to bed. Both boys were really good today...ate lots and slept a little, but went down for the evening with NO fuss or muss. Awesome. Conner, on the other hand...what a gem. This is what I say when I feel there is really nothing to say. He had a pretty good day. A few tantrums and some baby-slapping, but nothing too bad. We played with finger paints this afternoon (outside) and he painted up his diaper, legs, and belly. Almost nothing made it on to the paper. A little got to Henry's face, though. Tomorrow is his first day at the new daycare! I'm excited and sad all at once. I am definitely ready to get back into the work force and develop our whole new routine, but I think I was getting the hang of being with my big guy all the time. I'm crazy, I know. Cross fingers and toes tomorrow!!! I'm determined to get out there and find something perfect! Of course, if I end up with any time at home the house will not only be cleaned top to bottom, but rearranged as well. I also have been meaning to get up in the attic and get down some more "new" clothes for the twins...finish the laundry once and for all...start boxing up things we don't use...maybe catch up on some sleep? That would be nuts. I can't believe I'll have the house to my self. Is it weird that I'm kind of feeling bad about taking all the boys to sitters even though I'm not going to work yet? Sigh. The mind of a mother. A little scattered, but definitely full of love.

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