Monday, June 16, 2008

Funny stuff

I know I'm not supposed to laugh when Conner does bad things, but sometimes you can't help it!!! Yesterday I had a bright idea to load everyone up and go to the park where there was a band playing. We packed grapes and watermelon (faves), a big blanket (sheet) for everyone to sit on, and a couple balls to throw around. I had read the concert started at 3, so we left as soon as Conner woke up from his way-too-long nap. 4:30. At the park there was an art festival, so we figured the concert was somewhere around there...we lucked out with a fantastic, up front parking spot and loaded everyone up in the strollers. After walking around the entire art festival, I thought maybe the concert was somewhere else in the park...90 degrees does not make for good walking weather (through grass, no less), so we gave up and assumed it had ended earlier. Turns out I was right about it being somewhere else...another park. I'm an idiot. Okay, on to the funny stuff. Conner likes to impersonate Cookie Monster sometimes and put his hands around his mouth and yell "yum, yum, yum, yum" get the drift. Well, he was doing this with watermelon and it was going everywhere. Somehow I couldn't help but bust out laughing. (pictures would be good here) Then, he was eating grapes and I wasn't paying attention and heard a giggle. Just a little giggle. I turned around just in time to see Conner inhale and shoot the grape out his mouth and hit Henry. Nice. Unfortunately, I had to hide my face because of my laughter and this gave him the chance to reach out, pick the grape back up, and do it again! Poor Henry. By the time we got home he was covered in watermelon and grape spit. I think all the fresh air and hot sun must have made all three boys a little delirious because everyone was laughing last night. Jack was laughing LOUDLY about running his walker into the wall. Repeatedly. Then he found me by the stove and "chased" me around the kitchen...all the while just cracking up. I definitely don't remember Conner out right laughing this early. It was a good father's day. For everyone.

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