Monday, June 30, 2008

Just notes

We had a really good weekend. In retrospect. I'm remembering some exhaustion on my part and some angry words between the husband and myself, but it feels like we had a good weekend. On Friday I had my second interview and it went really, really well. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping for some good news this morning!! The office doesn't open till 8:30, so no reason to be concerned yet. They did ask for permission to process my background check. That has to be good news. Conner seemed to grow this weekend. He's filling out and looking like a "real boy". His hair is still awesome. :) By the way - took some pictures with a friends camera on Friday, so I will be posting those as soon as she gets them uploaded! Yay! Back to the C-man. He's still throwing the worst fits I could never imagine, but he surprises us more and more with all that he's learning! He can count to three. I'm sure he doesn't know that's what he's doing, but still! He sings along with the ABC's...he even gets a few letters in the right place! He has been requesting Shaun and I dance together quite often...he will sometimes start to cut a rug with us, but then acts shy and seems to prefer to watch. The new favorite activity is playing dress-up, so I'm determined to acquire an extra "closet" of large clothes for him to play in. He also likes to wear my heels. I love it. Shaun, not so much. Jack and Henry are out of control and getting way too big way too fast. Jack now sits himself up in his crib when he wakes up and cries and it's the cutest sight ever. He's started wrestling with Conner and it's pretty funny to watch. He enjoyed eating frozen peas last night while I made dinner! Luckily, none made in into the nose. Henry is moving a little bit slower in the mobility department, but he is so chatty!! He will babble on and on and his big eyes are always moving around and appearing to take everything in. He did eat an entire Biter Biscuit yesterday without dropping it! He's really good with his hand/eye coordination and he seems to be taking his time really learning how to crawl instead of just doing what works - such as Jack's scoot/pull/crawl thing. They are so much fun!!! When we go to the park, I let them get out and explore the soft ground (if applicable), or climb around on the stairs. We are so lucky to live near a not-busy park and they have so much fun "playing"! Both love being on the swings, so that is always entertaining. They are almost too big to squeeze into the same swing now! We did a few park trips over the weekend - Conner running around like the wild man he is. He wears himself (and us!) out by just running and sliding and picking things up and throwing dirt (no, no, no) and just being so BOY. :) We also took everyone to the grocery store and used one of the big carts for the first time! The twins in the top seat and Conner riding in the "car". I'm so proud of my family I did a couple extra laps to make sure everyone got a chance to see. :) We went for a few walks around the neighborhood. One thing Shaun and I definitely agree on is what a great neighborhood we are living in. Nice houses and friendly people. It just feels good to be able to walk anywhere and have people waving as you go by. When we move, we are definitely hoping to stay very nearby. Well, I had some specific stories in mind, but I'm a little sleepy and preoccupied with all that I need to accomplish today! I will try to hop on the computer when they come back to mind.

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