Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jack stuck a piece of hot dog up his nose. It came out with a sneeze. We didn't even know it was up there! Does this make us bad parents? We had a really good (LONG) day! We actually did not much of anything, but it felt like a lot. I think it was a combination of getting up several times over night (must've been overly tired), waking up super early, and none of the kids took naps at the same times. So, it's 7 and I just got the twins to bed and Shaun is working on Conner. I already have my celebratory bowl of ice cream and I'm gearing up for some Pathwords on Facebook. :) Ah, Saturday night. So, we had found a great townhouse to move in to, but we decided today to turn it down. The landlord was not impressing me with his attitude and I just didn't feel quite right about it (or him). We're going to stick it out in the house for at least another month to save money and maybe even move into an apartment. Ugh. We just need a couple years of saving, saving, saving in order to afford the size of house we're going to need with these big boys! And big momma!! A few more years of nightly ice cream and the necessary house size just might double! I am gearing up for a big job hunting week and hope to have great news for everyone soon!! Good night.

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